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NZLCA Events and Conference 
We have one major conference a year in February.
The next conference will be in February 2023.

Updated: Feb 9

The next NZLCA Conference will be held online in February!

This is an online conference offering pre-recorded sessions which can be viewed at any time between 10 February to 5 March 2023.

Lactation Consultants and Breastfeeding Advocates from around the world are supporting NZLCA to provide you with up-to-date information and recommended best practice. To meet your ongoing education requirements, NZLCA is offering you a total of 20 education hours to watch online.

Choose as few or as many as you want for one heavily discounted price - there is no obligation to complete all 21 presentations. Earlybird prices are available until 10 January 2023.


• Whangai ū

• Hāpu Wānanga

• Maternal Mental Health

• Breastfeeding in Public

• How LCs Provide Support

• Sensory Processing

• IBLCE's Pathway 3

• The WHO Code

• Reflux

• Hypoplasia & IMP

• Hyperlactation

• Maternal Metabolic Syndrome

• Infant Feeding in Emergencies

• Responsive Feeding

• Pasteurised Donor Milk Banking

• Interpreting Research Results

• IBLCE Certification

• Cleft Lip & Palate

• Parent-Led Weaning

• Breast Reduction

• Supporting Older First Time Mothers

Check out the conference brochure below for full details of speakers and topics or go to the conference web page here to find out more.

NZLCA 2023 Brochure Feb
Download PDF • 2.08MB

To register go to (from 1 December 2022) or for more information email

Another successful NZLCA Conference was held online in February.

The NZLCA Conference 2022 was held online. The 20 outstanding pre-recorded sessions were able to be viewed on-line at any time between 11 February and 6 March 2022! To meet ongoing education requirements, NZLCA offered a bumper number of education hours to participants.


• Non-Māori partnering Wahine Māori • Clinical Case Studies • Adoption, Surrogacy, LGBTQIA • Baby-led Weaning • Changing Baby Sleep Conversations • Relactation Experiences • At-Breast Supplementation • Breastfeeding Twins and Triplets • Benign Breast Disease • Nipple and Breast Wounds • Breastfeeding with HIV • Ankyloglossia: what we know • and much more!

Check out the conference brochure below for full details of speakers and topics.

LC0009 NZLCA 2021 Brochure A4 30_11_21
Download PDF • 1.22MB


How do non-Māori partner Wahine Māori to navigate a system that wasn’t designed for them? with Tarama Karu, Libby Gray and Karen Palmer.


We hope to see you at the conference in 2023!

Updated: May 4, 2022

This was an online conference offering pre-recorded sessions that

could be viewed at any time between 19 February and 3 March 2021

In 2021, our preferred conference hotel was being used as an isolation facility, therefore we rose to the challenge of keeping you updated and earning continuing education recertification points (CERPS) by offering a mammoth number of pre-recorded presentations.

Check out the conference brochure below for full details of speakers and topics.

NZLCA 2021 Brochure A4 09_02_21
Download PDF • 825KB

IBCLCs must reflect and connect regularly. This conference offered time out for you to do that. There were opportunities to reflect on current practice, current personal needs, how to deal with ethical issues, and more.

There was a chance to connect online with presenters and participants; on Facebook and other social media; and to attend the AGM by Zoom on 26 February. Reflection and Reconnection is the name of the game.


Presentation were lead with an opening session highlighting 30 years of NZLCA becoming the professional organisation in New Zealand, for those who had passed the international examination and were certified as IBCLCs.


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